Round Wave Planter


Round Wave Planter

Item # NT033

9”D x 10”H
14”D x 14”H
19”D x 18”H

Sold as a set of 3

Available Colors:
White (WH) – Avacodo (AV) – Atlantic Blue (BL)

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Product Description

This Garden Planter is a beautiful addition that adds the perfect finishing touch to your patio, courtyard or front entrance to your home!

All of our Vietnamese pottery is handmade. The process is a painstaking one, requiring many weeks of detailed attention to produce each magnificent container.

The process starts by collecting mineral-rich black clay from Vietnamese riverbeds, a material renowned worldwide for its remarkable strength.

Once the pots have been formed by hand, the firing process begins under the watchful eye of the master potter. Wood fires heat the kilns to 1400° Centigrade and are kept stoked to maintain that temperature for many days. Firing in wood kilns gives each container its distinctive character and strength that will last for a lifetime.

Each pot stands as a unique work of art, meticulously crafted by skilled workers who carry on an ancient tradition. Thanks to their tireless attention to detail, their handwork will be enjoyed by many for generations to come.

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Atlantic Blue, Avacado, Gloss White


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